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Holmes, Sylvia (505) 890-0343 ex.37103 Staff

Educational Assistants

Braziel, Jennifer (505) 890-0343 ex.37125 Educational Assistant
Dominguez, Stefani (505) 890-0343 ex.37124 Staff
Gage, David (505) 890-0343 ex.37277 District Community Support Liaison
Gomez, Matthew (505) 890-0343 ex.37147 Educational Assistant
Griego, Ahren (505) 890-0343 ex.37012 Head Wrestling Coach
Leahy, Tanisha (505) 890-0343 ex.37009 Educational Assistant
Lonz, Gina ISS
Lucero, Kathy (505) 890-0343 ex.37124 Educational Assistant
Nascimento, Raimundo (505) 890-0343 ex.37122 Educational Assistant
Sorenson, Alisha (505) 890-0343 ex.37124 Educational Assistant

Computer Tech

Villareal, Lisa (505) 890-0343 ex.37272 Computer Tech/Head Girls Basketball Coach


Greer, Joanne Staff
Moya, Jo Staff
Tafoya, Cassandra Staff


Bartmess, Niki (505) 890-0343 ex.37148 Occupational Therapist
Beach, Ken (505) 890-0343 ex.37148 Physical Therapist
Palagi, Michelle (505) 890-0343 ex.37114 Speech/Language Pathologist
Reboul, Monica (505) 890-0343 ex.37113 Speech/Language Pathologist

Special Education

Flores-casaus, Juliana (505) 890-0343 ex.37276 Head Teacher
Torres, Donna (505) 890-0343 ex.37157 Educational Diagnostician - Special Education

Social Workers

Garcia, Yvonne (505) 890-0343 ex.37157 Social Worker
Widman, Joanna (505) 890-0343 ex.37371 Social Worker


Aragon, Lena (505) 890-0343 10th-12th grade students/Alpha A-GOL
C'de Baca, Dawn (505) 890-0343 ex.37021 9th grade students/Alpha A-K
Garcia, Ruben (505) 890-0343 ex.37080 9th Grade Counselor Alpha L-Z
Monclova, Robert (505) 890-0343 ex.37211 10th-12th grade students/Alpha GOM-O
Roybal, Morry (505) 890-0343 ex.37311 10th-12th grade students/Alpha P-Z

Crossroad Counselor

Medved, Michelle Staff


Blaine, Michael (505) 890-0343 ex.37326 Custodian
Martinez, Enos (505) 890-0343 ex.37326 Head Custodian
Nuttall, John (505) 890-0343 ex.37326 Custodian
Rodriguez, Gabriel (505) 890-0343 ex.37326 Night Lead

Cafeteria/Food Services

Abeyta, Yvette (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Candelaria, Rachel (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Delao, Candy (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Escobar, Bertha (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Garcia, Ana (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Garcia, Valerie (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Heffelfinger, Kathleen (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Juarez Gonzalez, Jesenia (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Soto, Raymond (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Thrasher, Martha (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Manager
Vigil, Barbara (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Wilson, Vickie (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff
Zelaya, Alicia (505) 890-0343 ex.37323 Cafeteria Staff

Campus Security

Martinez, Esther (505) 890-0343 ex.37189 Campus Security Aid