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Varsity Baseball
2018 Varsity Baseball

Interested in trying out for the VVHS Baseball Team?

Potential players should plan on TRYING OUT

When: APRIL 5-6

Time: 2:45 - 5:00

Where: VVHS Baseball Field

Must be cleared by VVHS athletic trainer (physical/NMAA Waiver, NFHS Concussion Certificate, APS Consent Form)

Be prepared with all gear you may need (bat, glove, helmet, spikes, catchers gear, water, hat, etc...)

Questions: Contact Coach Flores at

           2020-2021 Hawks Coaching Staff

Head Coach
Todd Flores

JV Head Coach
Steve Harney

C-team Head Coach
Andrew Urquidez


Assistant Coaches

Trevor Levan

Tracy Tuttle 

Mike Fernandez

2020-21 Out Of Season Workouts-  Tryouts WILL bE aPRIL 5-6, 2021

Our season is a go right now and volunteer, out of season are currently Happening.  Click on the above links for information on attending out of season baseball workouts.  You are allowed to sign up for up to three (3) workouts per week at this time.

In order to attend workouts or tryout, you must be cleared by our school athletic trainer Mr. Ochoa.   All paperwork is to be completed and submitted into the following Google Classroom Code: ydwd2hfCharter and homeschool students must email paperwork to

Parents and players are responsible for knowing and adhering to the rules in the above links in order to participated in out of season workouts.  Rules and policies are subject to change as a result of NM state, NMAA and APS guidelines as they pertain to COVID-19.  



Hawks Baseball Board Members



President - Dave Salazar
Secretary - Lynn Kymes
Treasurer - Shelley Cortes
VP, Varsity - Jason Fitak
VP, JV & C - Amy Zacarias

2021 Preseason Workouts

Start date: Currently  Happening

End Date: April 2, 2021

Time: Signup form attached 

Location: VVHS Baseball Field

Requirements: APS Consent Form, NMAA Waiver or Current Physical, NFHS Concussion Form

Equipment: Glove, hat, Bat, Helmet and any other gear you may need.  There is no sharing of equipment under current guidelines running shoes, warm gear for outside