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Coach Information

Billy Thiebaut - Head Coach - ( or 750-8244)

Nate Cdebaca - Asst. Coach

Aaron Fox - JV Coach - ( 

Chelsea Fox- Asst. JV Coach

Boys' Soccer

6A State Champions
Updated information

Fundraising Information:

  • Since the season is different than past years, we have an opportunity to complete our fundraising prior to the start of it.  Therefore, we ask all potential players to complete fundraising activities from now until early November.  All players will be responsible for one of combination of the following:

Reminder:  Players can do a combination of any of the above to meet the $175 fundraising mark.  For example, if player sold $100 in car-wash tickets, $100 in sponsorships, they would need to donate $80 to meet the team fees.  Or if they sold $175 in car-wash tickets and $200 in poster sponsorships, they would meet the fundraising goal.  

Team Store

Team Store will be open until Monday, November 2.  The items in the team store are not required to play.  Rather it is just an opportunity for players, families and supporters to get their VVHS soccer swag for the season and show their pride for the program.  These can be great holiday gifts for all.  



Due to the recent state health order, we have had to adjust fall work-outs again.  Text messages to players and emails to parents were sent to players that had signed up.  

If you were not signed up, you can still do so by clicking here.


  • All-Time Leading Goal Scorer:  Skylor Rose (36) Class of 2019
  • All-Time Leading Point Leader: Larsen Rogers (99) Class of 2018
  • All-Time Assist Leader: Larsen Rogers (43) Class of 2018
  • Most Goals in a Season:  Skylor Rose (24) Class of 2019
  • Most Assists in a Season: Larsen Rogers (15) Class of 2018
  • Most Points in a Season:  Skylor Rose (60) Class of 2018
  • All-Time Goals Against Average: Quinn Ketchens (.736) Class of 2012

NSCAA New Mexico Player of the Year

  • Parker Conaway (2014)

NSCAA All-Far West Region

  • Parker Conaway (2014)

1st Team All- State

  • Andres Jurado and Larsen Rogers (2016)
  • Parker Conaway, Andy Luca, Ryan Hansen (2014)
  • Parker Conaway and CJ Slough (2013)
  • Parker Conaway (2012)
  • Tyler Miller (2011)

District Player of the Year

  • Andres Jurado and Larsen Rogers (2016)
  • Parker Conaway (2014)
  • CJ Slough (2013)
  • CJ Slough (2012)
  • Tyler Miller (2011)
  • Justin Schmidt (2011)
  • Aaron Fox (2010)

1st Team All-District

  • 2019:  Alex Dixon
  • 2018:  Isai Rivas, Xander Sorenson
  • 2017:  Skylor Rose, Julian Ortega, Larsen Rogers, Zach Lemasters
  • 2016:  Andres Jurado, Larsen Rogers, JJ Rael, Zach Lemasters and Stevie Pina
  • 2015: Larsen Rogers, Ray Roberson
  • 2014: Andy Luca, Parker Conaway, Ryan Hansen, Ray Roberson
  • 2013:  Andy Luca, Josh Cooper, Nate Gomez, Parker Conaway and CJ Slough
  • 2012:  Nic Jetter, Parker Conaway, CJ Slough, Justin Cuadra, Teriq Canales, Charlie Harmon
  • 2011: Quinn Ketchens, Tyler Miller, Justin Cuadra, Justin Schmidt, Aaron Fox, Erik Andersen
  • 2010:  Robert Maldonado, Aaron Fox, Justin Schmidt
  • 2009: Aaron Fox
  • 2008:  Justin Schmidt
Year Division Wins Losses Ties Season Honor Season Honor
2007 (JV Only) None 2 12 0    
2008 6-4A 5 15 0    
2009 6-4A 6 13 0    
2010 1-5A 14 6 0 District Champions State Quarterfinals
2011 1-5A 15 4 0 District Champions State Quarterfinals
2012 1-5A 15 4 0 District Champions

State Quarterfinals

Metro Champions

2013 1-5A 15 6 0 District Champions State Finalist
2014 1-6A 13 6 2 District Runner Up State Champions
2015 1-6A 8 8 2 District Runner Up (3 way tie)  
2016 1-6A 15 4 1 District Champions State Semifinalists
2017 1-6A 11 8 0 District Runner Up (2 way tie) 1st Round of State
2018 1-5A 14 6 1 District Runner Up State Semifinalists
2019 1-5A 9 9 1 State 1st Round  


Fundraising is a critical component to running a first class soccer program.  Additional funds are needed to pay for coaches, additional equipment, training gear, additional game costs, uniforms, team building activities and transportation, awards, and banquets.  For the 2019 season, the fundraising goal is to raise $11,000.00 (with a Varsity, JV Team)   Therefore, all coaches, players, and parents are needed to help raise the additional funds needed.

  • Coaches Role – Coaches will organize and direct a summer high school soccer camp to help fund the program annually.  In addition, coaches will help parents design, implement, and manage the fundraising activities for the players
  • Player Role:  Each player is expected to participate in each fundraising activity.  During the fall, players will be encouraged to raise funds for the program and will have to choose any combination of the following options.  1. Sell $540 worth of candles.  Players will have two weeks to turn in money from the sales of the candles.  2.  Acquire $540 in Poster/Banner sponsorship for the soccer program.  3.  A player may donate $270 to the boys’ soccer program.
  • Parent Role – The program needs a group of dedicated parents to manage the booster program.  In addition, parent support is needed to help run successful fundraising programs which include selling poster sponsorships (look for letter below), car wash tickets, and selling candles.