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Dress Code

One of the employability skills that are of concern is the dress code. We receive many comments from employers that students dress inappropriately. Volcano Vista High School dress code requires that all attire be work-setting appropriate and safe for school. Any clothing or accessory that attracts unusual attention is not appropriate. The dress code will be enforced on registration days as well as during the school year.


Students must keep in mind that they need to dress appropriately for their environment.


Students and their parents/guardians have the responsibility to be aware of the school specific dress codes and to conform to those requirements.  The responsibility to interpret and enforce the policy rests with each principal for his/her school. Administration may send students home to change or to ISS if they consider dress or appearance inappropriate and/or disruptive.  This dress code complies with the APS Student Behavior Handbook.




The following clothes/attire is not acceptable; Administrator discretion will be applied to assess appropriateness regarding all dress code concerns:

  • Attire or accessories that advertise, display or promote any of the following are not appropriate: alcohol, bigotry toward any group, disrespect, drugs, gang-related attire, sexual activity, tobacco and violence.

  • Spiked jewelry, chains are not allowed.

  • Belts with more than two-inch excess.  The excess must be worn inside the belt loops.

  • Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building.


  • Short shorts and short skirts should not be worn. Mid-thigh length for shorts, skirts and dresses is a minimum length guideline. Administrator discretion will be applied to assess appropriateness regarding all dress code concerns.

  • Shorts that are indecent have holes in pants, pockets hanging out or are frayed. No undergarments should be showing.

  • NEVER allowed for any reason

    • Fingertip rule preferred; min of two inches of material below the bottom accepted

Hats/Head Gear (in the absence of inappropriate insignia*)

  • Allowed in and outside of the school

  • Allowed in classrooms at teachers’ discretion

  • Must be removed during pledge/presentation of colors/national anthem

  • No bandanas (on heads, necks, in pockets, etc…) No exceptions!

Excessively tight/short clothes


Tops (in the absence of inappropriate insignia*)

  • Belly exposure of any kind NEVER allowed!

    • Bottom of shirt MUST touch the top of your pants at ALL TIMES

  • No excessively visible cleavage (no more than 1 inch)

  • No visible undergarments of any kind

    • No sheer shirts

  • Shirts may fall slightly off the shoulder no more than two inches (start the count at the top of the shoulder)

    • No halters of any kind allowed (rompers, dresses, shirts, etc…)

  • T-shirt undergarments are not allowed to be worn as real shirts

    • No camisoles, male tank-like undershirt, etc…

  • Tanks allowed (yes! There is a difference)

    • No visible undergarments

    • No excessively visible cleavage (no more than 1 inch)

    • No visible bellies

    • May not expose skin below the armpit

    • No spaghetti straps

Bottoms (in the absence of inappropriate insignia*)

  • Sagging pants NEVER allowed for any reason

  • Pants must have a normal size or fitted waist.

  • No “bunching” around the waist.

  • Pants must not hang over the edge of shoes or drag on the ground.

  • No visible undergarments allowed EVER

  • Refer to Excessively tight/short clothes guidance (IT APPLIES!)

  • Factory tailored holes, frays, etc… (meaning the pants were purchased that way) are allowed as long as they are in compliance with dress code standards

    • Must not expose, or be within two inches of, private areas

    • No exposed inner pockets (shouldn’t see the inside of your pants pockets hanging out of holes/tears in pants)


The following accessories are inappropriate and are not to be brought to school:  skateboards and rollerblades