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Fire Drills & Food Services

Fire Drills & Safety Regulations

When the fire alarm sounds, students should move immediately to an open area, which is fifty feet away from the buildings.  Students will take direction from their teacher.  The “all clear” signal will indicate when it is safe to return to the buildings.  Fire lanes on the campus grounds have been clearly marked.  Fire lane violations will result in vehicles being towed at the owner’s expense.

When campus is “locked down,” students are to remain in their classroom and follow the instructions of the teacher until the all-clear signal is given. If not in class students are to go to the nearest classroom.

Food Services

Both breakfast and lunch are available in the food courts.  A list of menu items and prices are available.  Students are responsible for keeping the areas clean.  Free and reduced price meals are available to those students who qualify; applications are available from the cafeteria manager.

The DECA program, located in H-hall and the Gym Snackbar/Lava Pit, located in the A-hall lobby will sell pizza during lunch. Food/drink items may not be purchased during class time. Vending machines may not be used during class time.