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PBIS and SOAR Store

SOAR Program: Creating a Climate of Positivity and Respect for All

Behaviors that PBIS will focus on (core values of school) are:

  • SOAR:
    • Safety
    • Organization
    • Achievement
    • Respect

Giving Points

  • All faculty and staff will be able to give out points for any of the desired behaviors (SOAR) at any school function (i.e. classroom, hallway, activity, etc). Also, teams and administrators can determine a target behavior they would like to reinforce.
  • Teacher/Staff use Admin/TeacherVUE to issue points via Behavior Points Tab. Points will be issued in increments of 1. Teachers are encouraged to issue 1-5 points when students demonstrate the Core Values.
  • Students will be able to accumulate points throughout the year. Points will expire at the end of the school year. Points are non-transferable from person to person.

Redeeming Points

  • Students – Go into StudentVUE and purchase items in either their classroom store or the school SOAR Store:
    • Students will be able to go to the SOAR Store (Located in E120) and pick up the item you purchased online.
    • The SOAR Store will be open beginning on Friday, September 2, 2022.
    • SOAR Store will be open during lunch Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    • Hours of Operation will be
      • Monday 12:14to 12:44
      • Wednesday & Friday 12:05-12:35
  • All transactions are final. No Refunds or exchanges. There is a maximum of 2 items per student per day.

Recognizing/Announcing 6-Week and Semester Raffle Winners

  • There will be 1 student per grade level recognized every 6 weeks and at the end of each semester.
  • For 6 week raffles eligible students will be randomly drawn from those whohave0 office referrals and 85% attendance or higher during the 6 week grading period.
  • For semester raffles eligible students will be randomly drawn from those whohave0 office referrals and 90% attendance or higher during the semester grading period.
  • For the Weekly SOAR Points Drawings eligible students will be randomly drawn from those whohave0 office referrals and 85% attendance or higher during the week.
  • Winners will be recognized the following ways:
    • Announcement
    • Twitter
  • After the announcement, students will have 5 days to pick up their prize or it will be forfeited. Prizes will be distributed during class.

Introducing/Maintaining SOAR to Students and Faculty/Staff

  • 9th -12thGrade Students will be introduced to the program on SOAR day during the assembly. In addition, they will be reminded throughout the year with announcements and faculty/staff reinforcing the program.
  • Faculty/Staff will be introduced to the program Fall and Spring Semester PD day. Staff that does not go to meetings will be introduced individually.
  • Each room and area in the school will have a SOAR poster that demonstrates examples of what our Core Values look like. There will be banners in the stairwells and locker bay areas throughout the school with the Core Value Posters.
  • During Parent Night, counselors will review the program with parents.
  • PLC facilitators to take 5-10 minutes each week to highlight a component of the PBIS program.

Introducing/Maintaining Discipline Systems

  • School discipline procedures posters will be placed in all classrooms.
  • Procedures will be introduced similar to above utilizing full staff and PLC meetings.
  • Administration will reinforce the system with staff.

Certificate of Excellence

  • Students that receive a 3.5 GPA or higher for each 6 week grading period – except 6th and final, will receive a Certificate of Excellence. Grade level administrator will pass out these certificates during 5th period – primarily.

Student Ambassador Program: Anti-Bully Program Where No Hawk Stands Alone

  • 45-100 9th - 12thGraders are nominated and selected to the program
  • 8 Faculty members are Faculty Ambassadors

Ambassador Groups

  • Ambassador groups are broken up into 8 Family groups which are run by the Faculty Ambassador
  • Family Groups will remain the same each year
  • Family Groups will meet the 2nd Wednesday of Every Month
  • All family Groups will meet the 4th Wednesday of Every Month – to check in on lessons, school wide initiatives and training program
  • Family groups will conduct training program at each meeting to reinforce mission
  • Family groups will help to coordinate and implement 3 school wide initiatives a year that coincide with the Fall , Winter and Spring Assembly

When/How Ambassadors Get the Anti-Bullying Message Out

  • Fall, Winter and Spring Assembly (3-5 Minutes)
  • During lunch with booths
  • Informally with friends and classmates

Ambassadors Trainings

  • During family meetings
  • Fall training by APS and Spring by VVHS
  • Ambassadors will each receive a t-shirt to publicize the effort
  • Ambassadors will be set up as a club and receive all recognitions that come along with this structure