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Principal's Announcement
Posted 8/16/19


My name is Dr. Vickie Bannerman, and I am still quite thankful to have the opportunity to continue serving students, families, staff and community as the principal of VVHS. It is still truly GREAT to be a Hawk! As we prepare to journey forward in partnership towards another outstanding year, it is important that we focus on the destination, beginning with the end in mind. Our destination is, as it will always be, GRADUATION! How will we get there? We will S.O.A.R.! Hawks value Safety, Organization, Achievement and Respect!

What are other points of interest along the way? Freshman and Sophomore transition support, on-time matriculation, successful credit recovery as needed, enrichment/remediation, appropriate support programs to remove barriers to life and learning, advocacy, college/career readiness (21st Century Skills…STEAM), interest exploration/discovery, next step planning/preparation, partnerships and most importantly relationships! I would like to continue my focus on relationship building with a laser focus on our ‘Value Statement’ as we SOAR to meeting our goal of graduating 100% of our students!

Positive relationships is the foundation on which I am building my Faculty/Family-Friendly, Student-Focused, Collaborative vision for Hawk Nation.  How do we build these relationships? I’d like to continue to encourage all of us to begin and end with kindness. Encourage your children to show kindness and not to give in to bullying (face-to-face or on social media). I want to encourage parents, staff, and all stakeholders to converse and interact with kindness even when anger and/or frustration is trying to get the better of us. Such will create the necessary conditions for truly productive work. If we do these things, relationships that are more positive will grow leading to trust and genuine partnerships in support of kids. What could be better than that? I look forward to taking/continuing this journey with each of you.


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Dr. B