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Coach Information

Head Coach: JJ Garcia

Tom Campbell

Coaches Expectations

  • Expect to start fall workouts the week of October 5th through Winter Break.  2 or 3 times a week (not mandatory but strongly recommended)
  • Returning players will be grouped in POD’s in accordance to NMAA rules
  • Incoming freshmen and players wanting to participate must contact Coach JJ Garcia
  • Volcano Vista apparel will be required to be worn.
  • Attendance will be taken for both fall and winter workouts. 
  • Each player shall be prepared for workouts to be outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. Each player shall bring the following to every practice:
    • Mask or PPE as stated above
    • Bring your own water/drink and no sharing whatsoever
    • Running shoes. (for indoor and outdoor use)
    • Cleats for field use.
    • Softball pants for on field days black or grey
    • Glove
    • Bat
    • Helmet
    • Dress in layers.  We will practice in cold weather conditions.
    • Expect strenuous workouts (Weightlifting, Cross fit, and running exercises can be expected.) 
  • There will be an opportunity to purchase apparel (more information will come closer to the start date).
  • Fundraising will be requested during fall workout time. (optional but highly recommended to support VVHS Softball)
  • Each player will be expected to have a contact email and contact number. Coach communicates with the players directly during fall and winter workouts
  • Players are allowed to play other sports and will be given an opportunity to try out if a player misses the tryout date due to winter sport season
  • Physical, concussion certificates and Pre-participation Exam Waiver Form shall be required before any player can participate. Must be turned into the Athletic Trainer prior to attending fall workouts
  • Each player will be required to maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or greater with NO Fs
  • Tryouts tentatively scheduled for April 5th.   The teams will be determined the following day
  • Dates and times may vary with the COVID-19 concerns.  Limitations may still be imposed





Softball Team


Head Coach
J.J. Garcia

Assistant Coaches
Shannon Garcia

J.J. Armijo

JV Head Coach
Tom Campbell


It is required for students to be cleared for any out-of-season or in-season participation by the athletic trainer.

Physicals dated after April 1, 2019 used for participation during the 2019-2020 school will be valid for returning athletes during the 2020-2021 school year provided the following:

  • A copy of the NMAA physical form is on file with the school
  • An NMAA 2020-2021 Preparticipation Examination Waiver Form (see resource section below) is completed

An NMAA 2020-2021 Preparticipation Examination Waiver Form (see resource section below) is completed with required signatures and questionnaire meets criteria for participation

  • Question 1: A "NO" response requires an updated physical exam using the NMAA physical form
  • Questions 2-4: Any "YES" response requires an updated physical exam using the NMAA physical form
  • Questions 5-10: Any "YES" response requires written clearance from an approved health care provider

If a student does not meet the criteria above, a physical examination using the NMAA physical form dated after April 1, 2020 is required for participation (see links below)

The NMAA Concussion in Sports - A Fact Sheet for Parents and Athletes remains a required document and is included with both the participation examination waiver form and physical form referenced above

Participating athlete responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • providing own PPE and bringing own water bottle
  • immediately communicating symptoms, a positive test result or exposure to COVID-19 to a coach or athletic trainer
  • staying home from practice if experiencing symptoms, have tested positive or have been exposed to COVID-19
  • immediately notifying a coach if become ill at practice
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RESOURCES - Provided below are links to resources for guidelines and protocols referenced.

New Mexico Public Health Order:

NMAA Physical Form:

NMAA 2020-2021 Preparticipation Exam Waiver Form:


NMAA Guidance for Return to Play:

NMAA COVID‐19 Information and Guidelines: